Guardianship or Parental Power of Attorney?

Thu, 09/18/2014 - 9:59am
Power of Attorney for Parental Authority OKC Norman

What do you do when you need to give somebody else temporary authority over your children?

  •  Formerly you had only one option, a guardianship which gave control of your children to a Court who gave it to a person appointed as a guardian with all your former powers over the child.  If you're the parent this is a dangerous thing to do because once your temporary problem has passed, the guardian might fight you to keep your children away from you.  Now a parent has another option.
  • In Oklahoma, the legislature passed HB 2536.  The Governor signed the bill and it was enacted as 10 O.S. §700.  It provides for a Power of Attorney that gives a parent the ability to delegate their authority to an appropriate person for a limited amount of time.  The best part?  It's revokable at will.  The parent does not have to worry about fighting the person they delegated their authority to in order to get the kids back.



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