Personal Injury: What if the Insurance isn't Enough to Pay all the Bills?

Fri, 11/17/2017 - 1:03pm
Medical Bills

I was in a collision and the bills are more than the insurance available to cover them. What do I do?

This is a terrible situation to be in and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The way to avoid this in the first place is to have more insurance.  We recommend having at least 100k/300k in Oklahoma and we recommend having uninsured motorist insurance in case you aren't at fault but the other driver doesn't have enough insurance to compensate you for your injuries.  You can also pay for Medical Payments Coverage which always helps.

But what if it's too late for that?  When the medical bills are more than the insurance coverage it's time to call your lawyer.  At Childers & Motsinger we routinely negotiate medical bills to reasonable amounts that don't leave the victim in a bind.  We recently helped a nice lady reduce her medical bills so much that instead of owing money she ended up with $5,000.00 in her pocket.  Obviously her injuries were substantial and this payout is low given what she suffered, but it's alot better than receiving the insurance and paying the bills with all the money and still owing money afterward.

If negotiations aren't enough you might have to go to court for a process called interpleader.  Essentially you are asking the Court to determine how the money should be paid out.  This is a last resort but sometimes necessary where the injuries are substantial but the available insurance is not.

If you are in a bind call us today.  We can help.  (405) 601-9393.

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