Should I Say Yes When the Police Ask to Search?

Wed, 12/06/2017 - 12:00am

If the police are talking to you and you didn't invite them to do so and they ask if they can search you, your car, your house, your anything.  The answer is always "no".  Saying yes will never help you.  The reason they are asking is because they think or hope they will find something that they can then arrest you for or possibly something that their agency can keep (like money).  So never say yes.  Always say no.

If they ask you to consent to a search then they believe that they need your permission legally before they can do it.  It may be that they would otherwise need to get a warrant that they might not be able to get.  Sometimes a search can be suppressed because the warrant was defective, but it doesn't matter if you say yes.

If you say yes then whatever they find can be used against you.  Don't do it.  The cops aren't there asking to search you for your own good.  They don't do that.  They want to search you because they think they will find evidence of a crime.

This pro-tip also works when talking to the police.  If they would like to take a statement from you (especially if you didn't invite them to do so), then you should not do that.  If they arrest you or search you anyway, fine, your Oklahoma City Criminal Lawyer can do something about it.  Don't let the word "yes" escape your mouth.  Be smart, be quiet.  You should be asking at every opportunity "am I free to leave?" and then doing so when they say yes.


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