Successful Interstate Child Retrieval!

Thu, 07/17/2014 - 2:54pm

We are proud to report the conclusion of a child custody modification case we have been working on over the past month. We were able to successfully reunite a child with her mother after her father stole her from her home and fled Oklahoma two years ago for parts unknown. Through a court maneuver we were able to obtain the father's current whereabouts and arrange for law enforcement to pay him a visit where he was found living in a place....very unsuitable for children. We coordinated with that State's child protective services division to have the child immediately returned to her mother in Oklahoma.  Once she was back, the judge issued a final order that the father have no contact with mom or daughter. He faces immediate arrest, jail time for contempt of court, and an uphill legal battle if he ever returns to our great state. We are very happy we could help make a family whole again.

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