We are experienced Oklahoma attorneys with decades of experienc in the Oklahoma criminal process.  We are focused on defense of the accused and work on all sorts of alleged felonies and misdemeanors, including:

Drug Crimes, like Possession and Drug Trafficking;

Violent Crimes;

Property Crimes;

Sex Crimes, including Human Trafficking;

Domestic Violence;

Weapons Crimes;

Speech Crimes;

Probation Violations;


And anything else you can think of, even stupid (but serious allegations if the state makes them against you) things, like bigamy.   

When you choose a criminal defense firm, you want to know that the criminal defense attorneys you're getting are the best in the business.  After all, the State has potentially endless resources to pour into convicting you of a crime.  The State of Oklahoma each year receives hundreds of applications for the office of Assistant District Attorney and they choose the very best they can get.  Don't be outgunned.  When you choose Childers & Motsinger, P.C. for your defense needs, you're getting a hardened prosecutor turned criminal defense lawyer.