An Oklahoma District Court can award alimony (spousal support) in a divorce or legal separation case upon a showing of two things:

  • Need, and;
  • Ability to Pay

Do you need alimony?

  • If you, considering your income and expenses, can show that you have a substantial deficit each month, then you may be eligible for alimony.

Does your spouse have the ability to pay alimony?

  • If your, spouse, considering his or her income and expense, has income each month, then you may be eligible for an award of alimony from the Court.

You need a divorce lawyer to properly present your claim to the Court

Few spouses in a divorce are going to give you alimony merely for the asking.  Get a qualified Oklahoma divorce lawyer to help you today.  If you're being asked for alimony, make sure that what you're being asked for is fair, and if it's not, take it to Court.  Contact us now, we can help you.