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Can You Get Divorced in ?

Divorce in is governed by Title 43. Can you get divorced in ?

The basic rule is that

(1) either you or your spouse must have lived lived in for at least six months and and still presently reside in when the divorce is filed, and:

Guardianship or Parental Power of Attorney?

What do you do when you need to give somebody else temporary authority over your children?

How long does a divorce take in ?

If there are no minor children:  In , a divorce, by statute can be granted no fewer than 10 days after the petition is filed. So if a divorce petition is filed on the 1st, then the Court could grant the divorce on the 11th.

Victim Protective Order (VPO) Violation -- Dismissed!

Our client was accused by his ex-wife of violating their Victim Protective Order when he showed up at her house to pick up the children.  He was allowed to do this by the terms of the orders in place.  His ex-wife complained that he backed his vehicle into her driveway so the children could load their stuff up.  Why this charge was filed... I don't really know.

Visitation Rights for a Grandparent? Yes!

In County yesterday we convinced the judge that visitation with Grandma was in the child's best interest.  Now, after more than a year of not seeing the child, the Court has ordered that Grandma be allowed weekly contact by her former son-in-law.

Do you need to talk about Grandparental visitation?  If so, call us now at 405-217-3271.

Father's Rights Restored After False Accusation of Child Molestation!

In a Central Case:  Today, after more than three years of delays due to our client's former counsel, we were able to restore a father's rights to his child.  

Four years ago the Mother of the child made extremely serious allegationss of child sexual abuse against our client.  An Emergency Custody Order and a Victim Protective Order were entered against him.  Father had hired ineffective counsel which resulted in years of unwarranted delays during which Father could not legally see his child!

Thinking About Joint Custody?

In , legal custody is an arrangement that primarily defines which parent or person gets to make what decisions for a minor child.  Who spends what time with the child (visitation) is a separate matter.

Married Parents.  When parents are married they have de facto joint custody, that is, neither has more authority in decision making than the other.  Each parent can make any (otherwise legal) decision they want regarding the minor child; e.g. enroll him in this school as opposed to that school, etc.


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