Father's Rights Restored After False Accusation of Child Molestation!

In a Central Case:  Today, after more than three years of delays due to our client's former counsel, we were able to restore a father's rights to his child.  

Four years ago the Mother of the child made extremely serious allegationss of child sexual abuse against our client.  An Emergency Custody Order and a Victim Protective Order were entered against him.  Father had hired ineffective counsel which resulted in years of unwarranted delays during which Father could not legally see his child!

& entered the case just four months ago and immediately took action, filing appropriate motions and working vigorously in representing Father.  New evidence was developed that suggested that Mother had induced the child to make these statements.  Opposing counsel knew that we meant business and quickly agreed to the restoration of our client's rights.

& forced a settlement and the child is spending the week with his Father!  Father and child are very happy with the result, we only wish we had been on the case years ago!

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