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These are my personal thoughts on the word no.

It’s a short word, among the shortest, but in my opinion, the word no is the basis of American society and has been since the beginning.  All of your political rights are founded on the right to tell the government no.  

Don’t like the current government?  Say no and vote for someone else.  

Don’t want the police to search your home without a warrant?  Say no; make them get a warrant supported by probable cause.  

Now Supporting Public Radio in

We support KOSU's mission of "connecting people to each other and to the world" and we're very happy to announce that we are entering into a sponsorship agreement with KOSU.  We are proud to serve as a sponsor and we hope you'll tune into KOSU on 91.7 FM in OKC and 107.5 FM in Tulsa.

Can You Get Divorced in ?

Divorce in is governed by Title 43. Can you get divorced in ?

The basic rule is that

(1) either you or your spouse must have lived lived in for at least six months and and still presently reside in when the divorce is filed, and:

Guardianship or Parental Power of Attorney?

What do you do when you need to give somebody else temporary authority over your children?

Probation Instead of Back to Prison? -- Yes We Did.

Our Client had multiple ongoing probation periods in multiples counties and was charged with a DUI complicated by child endangerment.  He thought for sure that he was going back to prison.  

The District Attorney's office recommended just that -- prison time.  

Our client called & right away.  With the help of & , our client was able to show the Assistant District Attorney in charge of the case that he was serious about changing his life.


This is good advice. If you're in trouble don't talk to the cops. Talk to your lawyers instead. If you're in trouble, call today!


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