Child Custody and Visitation

At Childers & Motsinger, P.C., we provide experienced and personalized representation in one of the most challenging aspects of many divorce cases: child custody and visitation. We also assist with child custody and visitation issues that arise for unmarried parents in paternity cases.

Temporary Child Custody and Visitation Orders
In uncontested divorce cases, issues of child custody and visitation are agreed upon early in the process. In contested divorce cases, an attorney may need to request temporary orders from the court. The court may grant parents temporary joint custody, simply to see if it works, unless there is a strong objection by either parent indicating good cause to avoid this approach, such as a parent's history of drug use or physical abuse.

Joint custody allows both parents to share decision-making responsibilities. The court may also issue shared visitation at this point, outlining the time the child spends with each parent.

Child Custody Options

Child custody comes in many varieties. Some of the more common are:

Sole custody: One parent has final decision-making authority for the minor child. The sole custodian makes all decisions about school, religion, medical care and more.
Joint custody: Both parents share the decision-making authority.
Modified joint custody: One parent has decision-making authority over certain issues such as education. The other has decision-making authority over other issues. This is rare.

Oklahoma's courts prefer joint custody whenever possible. Visitation schedules tie closely to custody and dictate which parent a child will spend time with and when. These two issues are also closely tied to child support. I will work with you to address all of these issues and pursue an outcome that makes sense for you and your child.