Family Law

Divorce Attorneys

Need to End your Marriage?

Child Support

Parents are required to contribute to the support of their children.


Predicated on need and ability to pay; are you eligible for alimony?

Property Division

Each party to a divorce is entitled to the equitable division of their property.  Ensure you get your fair share.


If you were never married to the parent of your child, you'll need to file a paternity action to establish permanent custody and child support.

Military Divorce

At Childers & Motsinger, P.C., we're familiar with the ins and outs of a military couple

Motion to Modify

Has your situation changed?  If you need to modify your decree, we can help

Retirement Division

Dividing a retirement account can be tricky.  Let us handle it for you and ensure you get what you're entitled to under ERISA and the Oklahoma Statutes.

Agreed Divorce

If you have an agreement, bring it to us.  Don't waste a lot of time and money

Child Custody

What Parenting arrangement promotes your children's best interest?  It's crucial that you get it right the first time.

Deprived Child

Has the State taken your children from you?  You need representation now in order to get the best result as quickly as possible


Does a child in your life need your help?  Step in now; a child only gets one shot at childhood.