Guardianship over Children

Sometimes people end up in a bad situation, and very often these people have children.  You usually cannot save an adult from themselves, but you should ask yourself:  Are you in a position to help the children?
What is a Guardian?
In Oklahoma, a '[a] guardian is a person appointed by the court to take care of the person or property of another."
When can a Guardian be appointed?
In Oklahoma, "[t]he court of each county, when it appears necessary or convenient, may appoint guardians for the persons and estates, or either, or both of them, of minors."

Should you seek to be the guardian of a child?

It depends:  (1) are the children going to come to harm if you don't seek a guardianship?  (2) are you a person with whom the children can be safely placed?

If the answers to those questions are both "yes", then you should seek a guardianship from the Court.  If the answer to number 1 is "yes", but number 2 is "no" then you should find somebody who could serve as a Guardian.

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