Uncontested Divorce

Do I qualify for an uncontested divorce?

A divorce is uncontested when the husband and wife agree about all the issues and how they should be resolved. The following issues are typical in a divorce:

Child Custody
Child Support
Property Division

People who agree regarding these issues are in an uncontested divorce situation, but still need the support of an attorney.

Do I need the help of an Oklahoma City Attorney?

We've seen a lot of people (including people who ended up hiring me to fix their paperwork) have a lot of trouble with divorce documents they got from an out-of-state website or had prepared by a paralegal unsupported by any attorney.

These poor folks walk into court with no clue and end up having to go to court over and over because the judge won't approve the paperwork: it doesn't meet the requirements of the law or their situation (i.e. divorce petitions that don't mention the children, or don't have the child support calculations, etc.). Lots of them eventually just give up.

There's a reason paralegals can't give legal advice; because they're not trained to. You're going to have questions about how to proceed and, invariably, a paralegal is not going to really answer your questions. Don't go that route. Get the help you need; get a qualified attorney to help you.

We've decided to offer low-cost representation for uncontested divorces in Oklahoma and Cleveland Counties.  A modest driving fee applies for all other counties. You can call us at 405-217-3271 or you can email us, and we will call you or email you as soon as we can; just leave your number, the county you live in, and a brief description of your situation.

Is an uncontested divorce expensive?

It depends on who you hire, but it doesn't have to be.  Here's the price Breakdown: the fee of $900.00 covers everything, including court costs and fees. It covers all the consultations that you will need, drafting every document required, hashing out any minor differences that may remain, and shepherding you through the legal maze as quickly as possible.  The only exception is if you need to divide a retirement account. We charge $500.00 more for that service because it's difficult and time consuming.

Couldn't I just use a paralegal?

Want a paralegal? Think again.

"I just wanted to say that what you are offering is very helpful. I wish you would've been around when I needed you. The paralegal I used had great references but the Judge actually stated in open court that my papers were the worst divorce papers he'd ever seen.

Thanks for offering your service."

-Amber S.